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    Room Details: Hotel Chinese Restaurant:    Fangming Pavilion  Chinese Restaurant (Fangming Pavilion) is situated at second floor of Hotel A Section and has 9 multiple styles of boxes which could accommodate 155 persons dining. Its cuisines are primarily Cantonese and Jiangsu, Hangzhou styles mixing with local feature. Combining with Chinese traditional architecture and modern classic design element, the Longjing and Biluo Halls at the center are displayed based on the mandarin-duck hall, a traditional garden-style. Besides, the ingredients as fruits and vegetables all come from Qingshan Farm.      Specialty Restaurant This restaurant mainly provides breakfast and buffet. We have made effective program for the seat area based on the dining groups, for example the fruit bar counter, water counter, sweet and drink counter as well as food table. The water wave decoration is applied into the roof of restaurant and the log material is used in wall, which gives people a visual perception of comfortable and relaxed; the glass partitions adopts the modern technology by using screen printing art glasses with Chinese ink painting, which not only accords with the modern aesthetic but also adapts to the whole style.   Dining Space The entire space has been enriched and created to a warm, modern, fashion and functional dinning place by comparing the materials and transformation of imaginary-real components.

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