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Spa on the human body are mainly thermal stimulation, mechanical and chemical stimuli.
Their use can be divided into bath, shower, jet bath, whirlpool bath, air bubble bath, etc; its temperature can be divided into high-temperature water bath, warm bath, flat warm and cold water bath; containing drugs can be divided according to their carbonated bath, turpentine bath, salt bath and starch bath.
By the disease need to decide when the spa bath temperature, methods and drugs, such as body temperature starch bath. Mineral bath also is a spa, but it is generally within the range of convalescence school. Bath commonly used in clinical treatment of autonomic dysfunction, neurosis, systemic skin diseases, arthritis, whirlpool bath water exercise therapy movement disorders, neurological diseases, shower, jet bath, cold bath and more to enhance physical fitness.
Spa belongs to a class of physical therapy. With a variety of different temperature, pressure, water content, and in different forms and methods (dip, red, rub, rinse) the role of prevention and treatment of diseases in the human body or local methods. Specific heat of water and heat capacity are large, easier to carry heat. The way its heat conduction and convection two kinds. Water addition to the transfer of heat and mechanical action, such as buoyancy, pressure and flow, water jet impact action. And various water-soluble substances, drugs, these solutes may also play a therapeutic effect. Hydrotherapy can be used alone or combined therapy. Spa is simple, unlike drug therapy as more side effects, unlike limit Wellness location, environment, subject to the conditions of spa treatments.
SPA, also known as fragrant aroma spa, combined with the use of natural water bath, massage and aromatherapy to promote metabolism, meet the basic requirements of the body hearing, smell, sight, taste, touch and feel entertained meditation, soothing body and mind to achieve a carefree enjoy. SPA, there are a lot of effectiveness, are: thermostatic cooling, muscle relaxation, brain cell regeneration resurrection, increase blood oxygen, promote heart function, promote blood circulation, skin bleaching, pores clean, clear body odor, such as the removal of the stratum corneum of skin aging. Works by alternately using a variety of spa equipment, oxygen-rich water is absorbed, and spa massage on acupuncture points to achieve the treatment and care of the role, giving vitality, giving health.


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